What is Eight Hours and Change?

In the spring of 2013, I was sitting in the Dusseldorf Airport, trying to think of a name for my new student advising service. I'd decide that I was going to use my experience as an exchange and graduate student here in Germany to help others who might be interested in doing the same, but who needed a little support to make it happen. And it is very important to help, because if students cannot solve a problem or create a project well, they will be upset and lose faith in themselves, in the fact that they will be able to understand the material in the future, so there are many resources where you can, for example, order admission essay, or Eight Hours and Change, which we talk about below.

The problems was the name. It needed to be something memorable, something that would stick with people, all the while expressing the transformative experience that studying abroad can be. Suddenly, it came to me: What was really the biggest impediment between me and my degree here in Germany? Unlike in the United States, I didn't have to worry about massive tuition and the resulting student debt, because my university, like all public universities in Germany, doesn't charge tuition fees. And with my 4 year bachelor's degree, I was well qualified to study here. I didn't even need perfect Germany; my university offered master's programs in both German and English. In the end, the biggest stumbling block was the distance, a flight from Chicago to Dusseldorf that last approximately 8 hours and change. 

Since its inception, the Eight Hours and Change team and I have worked to help student realize how small that distance really is, and how life-changing the experience that awaits them on the other side of this short journey can be.

We have now expanded our services to help students at every stage. Whether you're a high school junior thinking about where you want to spend your college years, a senior in college seeking graduate options, or a professional considering a career change, we're here to help you make your dream of completing your degree in Germany a reality.

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