The University of Bielefeld is well-known throughout the region for its language programs, its unique architecture, and its reputation for being a really fun place to study.


The entrance to the main building at Bielefeld University

The entrance to the main building at Bielefeld University

Modern study courses, an outstanding infrastructure, exceptional support services and co-operations around the world - Bielefeld University is an excellent choice. Students are the centre of attention and that is why projects on the improvement of study courses are constantly being established and expanded. If students feel that they cannot solve this or that task, they can contact special institutions to revise my essay or approach the teacher and ask for advice. This effort was rewarded with a success in the nationwide competition "Initiative for excellent teaching", where Bielefeld University was one of 6 universities in Germany that was awarded a prize for a unique teaching and study culture.

Bielefeld has a population of 325.000 inhabitants and it is one of 20 major cities in Germany. As it is the largest city of Eastern Westphalia it is the region?s main economic and cultural centre with an excellent public transport system and good travel connections to other major cities in Germany.




Universität Bielefeld

Location - North Rhine-Westfalia
Enrollment – 18,000
Founding – 1972
Main Focus –  Training for teachers of German
Type of Campus – Urban
Motto – Everything Under One Roof


DSH Preparation Courses


Sparrenburg Castle
Arminia Bielefeld