The Technical University of Dresden is one of the top institutions in the country, helping to train some of the leading scientific and engineering minds in the country.


The University library, one of the best in Germany

The University library, one of the best in Germany

The TU Dresden is one of eleven German universities that were identified as an “excellence university”. TUD has about 37.000 students, 4.400 publicly funded staff members – among them over 500 professors – and approximately 3.500 externally funded staff members, and, thus, is the largest university in Saxony, today. Therefore, it is worth remembering that in such an institution you will get good knowledge, but you need to study in proportion to knowledge, that is, read a lot, develop, analyze, etc., which will help

Having been committed to sciences and the engineering before the reunification of Germany, TU Dresden now is a multi-discipline university, also offering humanities and social sciences as well as medicine.

TU Dresden is a campus university in most aspects. Some of its buildings are more than a hundred years old (such as the buildings around Muenchner Platz square). The architecture of these buildings is mostly influenced by the art nouveau style or the Bauhaus school (e.g. the Chemistry building Fritz-Foerster-Bau). In recent years these historic building have been complemented by modern buildings (e.g. the library, the main auditorium, the biochemistry department or the life sciences building).




TU Dresden

Location - Saxony
Enrollment – 37,000
Founding – 1828
Main Focus –  Science and Engineering
Type of Campus – Campus
Motto – Knowledge Builds Bridges


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