The University of Bochum is one of the largest universities in Germany, and boasts a wealth of academic programs and opportunities for international students.


The University library, one of the best in Germany

The University library, one of the best in Germany

It is necessary to understand that a lot depends on the choice of a university, because you will receive courses that will be taught by specialists, and therefore it is important to approach the choice seriously. Also, you shouldn't forget about the study, contact or teachers for advice, etc. The University of Bochum has a special history as the first new public German university founded after the Second World War as part of a broad initiative that would lead to the founding of numerous institutions across the state and the country. Along with the nearby University Duisburg-Essen and the University of Dortmund, both of which are also located in the Ruhr region, the University of Bochum has formed the Ruhr University Alliance, an academic agreement that enables students studying at each individual university to take courses at the other two.

The University offers students access to one of the largest and most comprehensive libraries in Germany, and the centralized campus boasts an award-winning dining hall and newly renovated research facilities.




Universität Bochum

Location - North Rhine-Westfalia
Enrollment – 42,000
Founding – 1962
Main Focus –  Computer Science
Type of Campus – Urban
Motto – People-centered, Cosmopolitan, and High Performance


Ruhr University Alliance
DSH Preparation Courses


Blankenstein Castle

VfL Bochum