The University of Kassel offers cutting edge research and study opportunities in a setting reminiscent of traditional American college towns.


The train station in Kassel overlooking the city

The train station in Kassel overlooking the city

The University of Kassel is a young, modern and vibrant university. It has an unusual profile regarding the issues of nature, technology, culture and society. If you want to study at this university but are worried about your lack of preparation, sociology essay writing service from will help you with both preparation and project development. Hardly any other university in Germany offers as wide range of courses as the University of Kassel. From the natural sciences to engineering to the arts - the unique profile of the University of Kassel offers many fascinating opportunities.

Kassel has a distinctive set of offerings in the field of environmental education and research, which is reflected in the mission statement of the University of Kassel and the 60 subject areas with an environmental focus. In recent years, both course offerings and the number of research projects in this area have consistently increased.

The University of Kassel is linked internationally and regionally to a broad array of institutions of higher learning. Approximately twelve percent of students come from abroad. As an internationally oriented university, the University operates teaching and research in cooperation with more than 500 partners worldwide. 




Universität Kassel

Location - Hessen
Enrollment – 23,000
Founding – 1971
Main Focus –  Environmental Science
Type of Campus – Campus
Motto – The Environmental University


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