Located in the bucolic Siegen valley, the University of Siegen is an up-and-coming research university with a small town feel.


One of the many recently renovated buildings on campus

One of the many recently renovated buildings on campus

The University of Siegen is a young research institution, founded in 1972 after the merger of the local technical and teaching colleges. It was founded with the goal of giving a greater number of regional students access to outstanding education with both a traditional theoretical and a practical approach.

Thanks to its roots in pedagogical education, the University of Siegen offers outstanding Bachelor and Master of Education programs, but it offers a full array of programs in its four academic departments, including Humantities, Arts and Architecture, Economics, Natural Sciences, and Engineering. 

While most of the University of Siegen's classes still meet on it's main campus on a hill high above the city, the university has expanded into two other main campuses, including one located in the former palace of the local princes. 




Universität Siegen

Location - North Rhine-Westfalia
Enrollment – 18,000
Founding – 1972
Main Focus –  Education
Type of Campus – Urban
Motto – The University of the Information Society


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